MIDI filter and remapper


MIDI ReLink is a software MIDI Filter that allows to process MIDI messages in real-time.
It can modify, filter, block, remap, duplicate, reassign MIDI messages from one MIDI input port to a MIDI output port, with a very low latency. It works with all MIDI message types (Note On, Note Off, Control Change, Channel Pressure, Pitch Bend, Polyphonic Pressure, Program Change ...).
In addition a MIDI Monitor is available in a dedicated window to check all received, transmitted, blocked and created MIDI messages.
MIDI rules created by the user can be saved and reloaded from a separated file stored on the hard-drive.
MIDI ReLink runs on desktop and IoT devices (including Raspberry PI).
MIDI ReLink can be used in various cases :
- Split a MIDI keyboard, each part of the keyboard can send specific note range on a specific channel.
- Play piano, xylophone or other sound banks with an electronic drum (MIDI Remapping).
- Play music video games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band with a real MIDI drum (Filtering and remapping).
- Convert Midi messages channels from a MIDI instrument.
- ...

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