Sigmagine Solutions

Software publishing, solution designing

What we offer

Sigmagine publishes applications for the general public as well as software for professionals.

Our cross-platform interactive solutions make it possible to use the full potential of today's devices and technologies:
- iOS, Android, UWP phones and tablets
- single board computers and microcontrollers (Raspberry PI, Tinker board, Arduino ...)
- machines running Windows, Mac OS or Linux
- connected objects (IoT)
- web, cloud computing
- augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)

Our engineers will know how to find an answer tailored to your needs, whether to broadcast images, sound, video, 3D, connect to services specific to your business, to your passions, interface to and control electronic systems, lighting, actuators, take up the state of sensors, but also synchronize all these elements, create interactions, broadcast in real time all this information ...

We have a solution to realize your projects !

They already trust us !

Agence Cub
Polytech Lille
Spie batignolles énergie
Puissance Dys
RTE France
Maison Folie Beaulieu

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